What Plants Grow Well in the Shade

If you want to plant a garden but you only have access to land that is constantly shaded, then you need some good advice on which plants will grow in those conditions. Apartment dwellers can sometimes live in areas where the sunlight never reaches them, or many people have backyards that are permanently shaded by trees. Another common issue for gardening enthusiasts is only being able to plant alongside of a building that keeps the garden in the shade all day long.

Luckily, there are several types of plants that can grow in the shade, and others that thrive on only partial sunlight. Before you give up on your dream of a beautiful garden, we recommend checking out these plants and givi…

How to Care for your Sod

The process of properly caring for sod starts the moment it is installed. The first few months are critical to making sure that your sod takes hold and becomes a lush and green lawn. The clock is ticking the moment you sod is laid down, so it is important to know what you need to do at each stage of the life of your new lawn.

First Two Weeks

The first two weeks are critical as it is important to water your sod at least three to five times a day until it is spongy to the touch. You need to get at least four inches of penetration from your sod to the soil when you water, and you can measure that penetration by carefully lifting a corner of a sod segment to see how deep the water is getti…

A Crop Rotation Plan Can Improve Your Soils Health For An Abundant Harvest

If you have been gardening for long you may have come across having a bumper crop (a crop that has yielded an unusually productive harvest) one year and a barren crop the next year. You may have told yourself that it was just a bad year for that particular vegetable, you most likely what your garden was experiencing a result of soil depletion.

Every plant has its own nutritional needs. As plants grow they draw valuable nutrients from the soil. When these nutrients are used faster than nature can replace them the soil becomes depleted and unable to perform as it once did. One of the secrets to preventing this from happening is following a properly designed crop rotation plan.

What Is a…

Protecting Your Garden From Pests

When it comes to protecting your plants and garden from pests, you have to consider all surroundings. Pests can come at your garden from above ground and below, and you need to be ready with the right responses to protect your plants all while maintaining the growth results you are looking for. There are plenty of ways to protect your plants and garden that do not damage your plants, ultimately keeping them safe for you and your family.

Protection On The Ground

Products such as Spectracide will protect your vegetable garden, fruit trees and nut trees from a wide variety of pests (over 260 insects) without damaging the food itself. Spectracide is also safe to use on lawns, roses, flower…

5 Plants You Probably Never Thought of Growing in Your Garden

Growing unique or exotic foods in a garden is usually avoided because of the extensive care and complicated growing instructions these plants require. But there are some plants that are easy to grow in any garden that would surprise even the most hardcore gardening enthusiast.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds add a texture and flavor to breads that many people enjoy. Even if you cannot taste the difference sesame seeds create, you can appreciate the texture. Why would you want to grow your own sesame seeds? If you make your own rolls, then adding your own sesame seeds can enhance that restaurant quality food you are making. It is also nice to be able to use sesame seeds from your garden and n…

How to Grow Your Own Pumpkins for the Next Halloween

Halloween is many children’s favorite holiday. It’s a time for little ones to revel in such joys as dressing up as whoever they want to be and enjoying delicious candy! Another extremely fun part of Halloween is carving and decorating a pumpkin. That pumpkin allows kids to express themselves and create their own holiday centerpiece. Help kids get even more out of the time-honored jack-o’-lantern when you help them grow their own pumpkins! Here are some tips to help you get started on growing pretty pumpkins that will make Halloween even more fun for the entire family!

Planning for Pumpkins

Although growing pumpkins is fun and offers the promise of a great return for the time you put…

Make the Most Out Of a Small Backyard

Your backyard can be a haven from the world, offering greater privacy than the front yard. It is a place where you can enjoy nature without having to venture outside your total comfort zone. Whether you are an outdoorsy person or just enjoy stepping outside for a few moments, there are ways to optimize your backyard space for beauty, fun, and entertainment. These tips will help your backyard look more spacious and even a bit bigger!

Set Up a Separate Vegetable Garden

Create a squared off vegetable garden. Having a few separate sections of a small backyard can help you feel as though you have a larger outdoor space. It’s important to have big aspirations for your garden, but make sure t…

Master the Art of Fertilizing Your Lawn

Californians spend literally millions of dollars a year trying to feed and grow the perfect lawn. Unfortunately, a great deal of that money is wasted and many times the efforts that people put into trying to improve their lawns is actually counterproductive and does a great deal more harm than good.

Growing a beautiful lawn is both an art form and a science and while only experience can teach you how to read your lawn and know what it’s telling you, science can be a great help in starting you in the right direction, when it comes time to fertilize your lawn.

Please keep in mind that California is a very large state with a wide variety of climate and soil conditions spread over its widt…

Basics Behind Pruning

Pruning can alter the growth and form of a plant. It is a critical part of gardening maintenance. When done correctly, it can prevent a number of problems from occurring. To help you better understand more about pruning, let’s explore the benefits of pruning and when the best time to prune is.

Benefits of Pruning Your Trees and Shrubs

Proper pruning helps to improve your tree’s health. Eliminating dead or dying branches reduces the chance that someone is going to get injured from falling branches. It also prevents the chance that your property is going to get damaged from broken limbs flying around during a storm. Pruning helps minimize the chance of your tree decaying further and prol…

10 Superfoods to Grow at Home

Growing your food especially superfoods that are packed with a high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants is the best decision you could ever make. It is no secret that many superfoods tend to stretch your wallet at the grocery store, thus growing them right in your backyard will save you money while giving you control over what you eat. According to, eating superfoods will considerably help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, extend life, keep you looking younger and healthy.

With all these scientifically proven health benefits, homeowners should consider including superfoods in their bounteous backyards. Here is a list of 10 superfoods that can be grown easily in yo…

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