When you set out to purchase firewood, there are many options, some better than others. Whittier Fertilizer is a reliable source of high quality firewood. We offer a variety of assorted firewood that will allow you to build warm fires throughout the winter. The mixture of wood in our assorted firewood makes it an attractive product.

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How to Store Firewood

Before you purchase our assorted firewood, you need to figure out how you are going to safely store your firewood. Firewood needs to be thoroughly protected from the elements while still maintaining a level of airflow. The main goal of your storage system is to keep your firewood dry. Wet wood will create smoke, which is not ideal if you’re building a fire in your indoor fireplace! Dry wood burns better, plus it generates more heat.

Follow these suggestions as you plan your system for storing firewood:

  • Wherever you are going to store your firewood, make sure that the ground is level so that the stacks of wood will be sturdy. A tilted base will cause your stack to fall over frequently!
  • Keep stacks fairly short in order to maintain their sturdiness. Whittier Fertilizer suggests limiting stacks to 4 feet tall. Any stack over 4 feet will be prone to unsteadiness.
  • Make sure that your stacks are a few inches away from any walls so that the wood still receives good airflow.
  • Stack your wood close enough together that children or animals won’t be able to climb in between your stacks and knock them over, but make sure there is a little space between each stack to allow air circulation.
  • Avoid stacking your firewood directly on the ground so that it doesn’t get wet. Consider stacking wood on top of a tarp, a wooden pallet, or some kind of metal stand.
  • Again, firewood needs to be kept dry, so cover your stacks with a top to prevent moisture from seeping in. However, leave the sides of your stacks uncovered to encourage airflow.
  • Store your firewood in a structure such as a garage, a shed, or a carport for maximum protection.

Why You Should Choose Whittier Fertilizer’s Firewood

Many people search local papers for advertisements for firewood, but if you choose to purchase wood from an unknown individual, you may end up with low quality firewood. Whittier Fertilizer can guarantee that you will be pleased with our attractive assorted firewood. Contact us if you’re interested in purchasing reliable high quality firewood!

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Carlos Valdez
February 10, 2014

I have a Toyota Tundra. How much is it to fill the truck with firewood?

June 18, 2013

How much is your firewood?