Best Super Turf 25-5-5


Best Super Turf 25-5-5

When searching for a turf fertilizer, it is crucial to select an option that provides all of the essential nutrients over an extended period of time so that turf stays green and fresh long after application. Whittier Fertilizer has found that Best Super Turf 25-5-5 is an effective option that offers a wide variety of advantages over other fertilizers.

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Product Description

Why Choose Best Super Turf?

Best Super Turf is a controlled release fertilizer specifically designed to meet the needs of turf landscaping. This homogenous pelletized product provides turf with plenty of nitrogen, iron, sulfate, phosphate, and potash. Best Super Turf is especially effective in delivering nitrogen, as it includes POLYON, a specially designed coating that releases nitrogen slowly over the course of 12 weeks.

Although this fertilizer is designed to keep turf healthy, it also stimulates slow growth, allowing homeowners and landscapers to mow less frequently. Another benefit of Best Super Turf 25-5-5 is that it won’t cause turf burn in the first 24 hours after use. This is especially useful if you aren’t able to water immediately after application.

Best Super Turf is unsurprisingly most effective on turf, but it can also be used with shrubs, as a ground cover, and with trees. To find out more about the versatility and effectiveness of this product, contact Whittier Fertilizer today!

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Dustin Vo
April 21, 2014


I’m wondering if you carry Super Turf 25-5-5 and how much is for a bag.



Luke Tran
March 16, 2014

I Am looking for soil make a fruit big, can you show me.

November 19, 2013

Do you carry this item in stock. ? If you do please quote me the price thank you

sherry plambeck
July 28, 2013

25-5-5 if I put on lawn today, when di I need to water and how ofte