E.B. Stone Organics Alfalfa Meal


Today’s garden marketplace offers a wide variety of organic fertilizer options. Products created from alfalfa meal offer a number of distinct advantages over their competitors. Whittier Fertilizer recommends using E.B. Stone Organics Alfalfa Meal as a gentle, organic fertilizer for the healthiest plants possible in your garden. In most cases, alfalfa meal fertilizer should be used as a supplement to your regular fertilization process to help encourage new growth and ensure a gorgeous garden. There are a variety of common benefits to using this product, including:

  • Encouraging greener foliage on all types of plants
  • Nurturing delicate fruit plants with plenty of rich nutrients
  • Encouraging new cane growth in rose gardens
  • Enhancing the health and beauty of flowering plants
  • Accelerating the decomposition process in a compost pile

Alfalfa meal fertilizer works effectively in each of these situations thanks to its many rich nutrients, all of which are organic and natural. Plants thrive and grow heartier each year when using this unique product.

To explore your options and learn whether this organic fertilizer is the best for you, talk to the experts at your local garden store. At Whittier Fertilizer, we are prepared to help you select the ideal fertilizer for your beautiful garden.


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