GreenAll Citrus and Avocado Food


GreenAll provides a product that helps cultivate growth of both plants and fruit for citrus and avocado trees. Both types of trees require special attention and unique fertilizer to see long-term results.

Every variety of citrus trees can benefit from this GreenAll fertilizer. For owners of orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, and mandarin trees, among many others, give trees 4 pounds for every 100 square foot area where citrus trees are growing. This should be done in spring, summer, and fall. However, owners should conduct additional research to determine if trees should be fed more often or different amounts.

Avocado trees need almost year-round attention. Apply 4 pounds of GreenAll food to each 100 square foot area every 90 days from the beginning of spring through autumn.

Citrus and avocado trees also come in dwarf varieties, which should be fed on the same schedule as those full-sized. However, the amount must be altered: 2 tablespoons for young plants, 1 cup for 2×2, 3 cups for 4×4, and 6 cups for 8×8.

For citrus and avocado trees planted in containers, monthly feedings should be conducted during growing season. Owners should research the specifications for their local area. Each tree should receive one tablespoon of GreenAll for every six-inch area of the container.

GreenAll should always be applied to wet soil and receive a thorough watering post-application.


  1. Dennis Crawford

    For Walnut Creek, CA area how often should I feed my citrus trees?

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