GreenAll Fruit & Vine Food


GreenAll Fruit and Vine Food is an asset to any fruit tree. This product exists to help cultivate plant growth and abundant production of peaches, plums, apricots, grapes, berries, and much more.

All fruit trees follow a standard procedure for fertilizer application. GreenAll should be applied in three increments throughout the year: once in February, once after fruit has set, and then again after harvest. Regardless of age, this feeding schedule is an important part of a fruit tree’s success throughout the year. Established trees should receive a half-pound for every one-inch of trunk diameter. For young trees, only add half of this amount.

For application, drill 12-inch holes along the drip line. After placing a series of these holes 18-24 inches apart, add fertilizer and watch the trees become heavy with fruit.

Grape and berry vines follow the same feeding schedule as fruit trees. However, they require much less food. Mature vines are sustained by sprinkling a half-cup of GreenAll Food at the base of the vine; young vines only need half of this amount.

Regardless of plant type, all trees and vines need generous amounts of water to help them absorb fertilizer properly. In addition to good fertilizer, owners should pay special attention to the fruit trees and vines each day to conduct all appropriate measures to create a thriving environment for the fruit.


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