3/4 Gravel

At Whittier Fertilizer, we understand that there are a wide variety of gravel needs out there, so we offer a vast range of gravel options. This ¾” crushed gravel can be used in a number of different landscaping projects. When you purchase crushed gravel from Whittier Fertilizer, you can rely on us to provide high quality gravel that can be used for any project.


How to Use Crushed Gravel

¾” crushed gravel is often used as a part of construction projects. For instance, this type of gravel is often used to create a backfill and base for retaining walls. It is also possible to mix this gravel with cement in order to produce heavy duty concrete.

On a more aesthetic note, ¾” crushed gravel is ideal for use in several landscaping areas. Although it can be used simply as a decorative ground cover if you choose Whittier Fertilizer’s high quality option, it can also be utilized effectively to create a new driveway. Crushed gravel is perfect for building walkways, improving your drainage system, and for use around trees and plants.

Tips for Creating Walkways

If you choose to use ¾” crushed gravel to make a walkway, it is important to develop a careful plan before you acquire the material. As you consider the path of your walkway, think about what kind of material will be the primary product used for the pathway. Crushed gravel can be incorporated into a walkway that also uses other materials as well in order to create a unique and appealing look.

For instance, you might want to include large, flat stones to be the main part of the walkway and simply surround them with crushed gravel. On the other hand, you can create a pleasant walkway solely out of crushed gravel if you prefer the texture and sound of the material.

When you build a walkway, make sure to consult with an experienced landscaper to determine how exactly you should proceed. Different materials will need to be layered in different thicknesses, and depending on what material you use, you may need to build up a substantial base for your walkway.

The Whittier Fertilizer Difference

Thanks to our commitment to providing excellent customer service, Whittier Fertilizer is known for our ability to supply our customers with high quality products that are accompanied with plenty of helpful assistance. Since we are a one-stop shop for landscaping supplies, we can help you find everything you need for creating walkways, building driveways, and maintaining your gardens.


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