When sand comes to mind, most people think of a summer day spent building castles on the beach. But in reality, sand has many more uses than you may think. At Whittier Fertilizer, we understand that not every customer has the same needs – and that is why we provide high quality, versatile sand that can work well for a variety of different projects and jobs.


Sand on the Job

One of the classic uses of sand is for mixing concrete on work sites. Concrete is generally made by combining water, cement, and sand, and the correct mixture of high quality sand can produce strong, dense concrete for small and large construction jobs alike.

Sand is also a popular choice in auto shops and warehouses to clean up spills. Sand has the unique ability to soak up thick liquids like motor oil and gasoline by forming clumps. These clumps allow for a much easier cleanup process.

Sand Around the House

Sand is a very popular choice around the house. Many parents turn to sand when looking for inexpensive, safe materials to use on playgrounds. Not only can you fill a sandbox with sand, but you can also spread it around slides, swing sets, and jungle gyms. Sand provides a safe and forgiving surface for children to play on all year round.

Sand is also useful for the adults at home. If you are looking to redesign your backyard or build a garden, sand could be the perfect option to create that unique flair. Sand is a popular choice for those looking to create a Zen or rock garden. Simply clear out a small rectangle of land, remove debris, lay sand, and add art. In just a few simple steps, you have created a peaceful haven in your very own backyard.

Another use for sand around the house involves painting. Adding four or five cups of sand to a gallon of paint can provide texture and thickness to normal paint. This is perfect for a adding a new look to a room or creating extra grip on stairs.

The Whittier Fertilizer Difference

At Whittier Fertilizer, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality materials at competitive prices. Our commitment to customer service means we understand your needs and are constantly looking for ways to make your buying experience better.  Let us be your one-stop shop for all your landscaping supplies and needs.


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