Best Ammonium Phosphate 16-20-0



This homogeneous pelleted plant food is an economical and effective preplant fertilizer made up of 14% sulfur. Our Best Ammonium Phosphate 16-20-0 comes in a 50lb bag and can be used for a number of different jobs and tasks. Some of the benefits include:

  • Can be used as a preplant fertilizer to prepare the soil
  • Can be applied to existing, established plantings that need sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorus
  • Is a homogenous fertilizer (each pellet contains an even ratio of nutrients)
  • Contains sulfur that enhances plant density and color
  • Sulfur helps with winter strength and hardiness, as well as level of drought tolerance
  • Good for fertilizing plants with sufficient potassium levels
  • And much more…

Covering up to 8,000 square feet, this 50lb bag of Best Ammonium Phosphate 16-20-0 is an economical solution for your lawn and garden needs, whether you are looking for a preplant fertilizer or homogenous food for existing plants.

Choosing Best is choosing peace of mind. As one of the premier producers of lawn care solutions, Best manufactures high quality products for all your lawn and garden needs. Rest assured that you are making the Best choice when you choose Best Ammonium Phosphate 16-20-0.


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