E.B. Stone Organics Blood Meal


Blood meal fertilizer is a highly valuable tool for organic gardeners as it is a rich source of natural organic nitrogen. Whittier Fertilizer recommends using E.B. Stone Organics’ Blood Meal because it is completely natural and highly versatile. Blood meal is recommended for fast-growing plants. By using blood meal fertilizer, you can encourage plant growth as well as improved leaf color. Blood meal is frequently used for these plants:

  • Vegetables
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Roses

Many gardeners also use blood meal as a part of their composting process, as nitrogen is a beneficial additive to a compost pile. Every compost pile needs a balance of carbon and nitrogen to break down materials, so blood meal is often used to counteract carbon-rich composts.

Blood meal can also be used as an effective repellent for animals that might try to eat plants from the garden, including squirrels, moles, rabbits, and deer. Because blood meal is easily washed away by rain, it must be regularly reapplied to ensure pests stay far away. Some animals are attracted to blood meal, such as dogs, opossums, and raccoons, so experts recommend testing blood meal in a small area of the garden before applying it throughout.



    I am trying to find a CA supplier for bulk quantities of certified organic bone meal, powdered, in 50 lb bags. Is this something you sell? If so you can you give me pricing and warehouse location? Thanks!

    • Whittier Fertilizer

      Tiffany, I would suggest you contact our supplier, E.B. Stone, directly. They are located in Suisun (Northern California) @ 800-641-3576.

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