E.B. Stone Organics Compost Maker


Composting is an environmentally-friendly and economical way to produce humus – a nutrient-rich substance that revitalizes depleted soil and nourishes plants. To supplement your compost with additional nitrogen, incorporate E.B. Stone Organics Compost Maker into your pile or bin.

Whether you have composted before or this is your first time, you are likely aware that both “green” (fresh plant clippings and kitchen waste) and “brown” materials (dried leaves and old plant clippings) are necessary to yield balanced humus. Because dry, brown materials are often in more abundant supply, the ratio of carbon to nitrogen can be affected. This makes E.B. Stone Organics Compost Maker a valuable addition to your humus.

Ingredients include blood meal, feather meal, bone meal, dried chicken manure, bat guano, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, and potassium sulfate. E.B. Stone Organics recommends adding chicken manure to accelerate the composting process.

Composting can take several weeks or even months, but it can yield a potent soil amendment that will balance your soil’s pH, increase fertility, improve drainage, and augment root development. Trust E.B. Stone Organics Compost Maker to make the most of your composting efforts.

E.B. Stone Organics Compost Maker is available in a 4 lb box. For more information about this product, contact Whittier Fertilizer today.


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