Flower and Vegetable Mix


Flower and Vegetable Mix

This all-natural compost mix is specifically formulated using only high-quality ingredients to give your flower or vegetable garden the boost that it needs for high production throughout the growing season. Our flower and vegetable mix both add nutrients and improves soil structure for an optimal growing environment.

Product Description

Why Use Our Flower and Vegetable Mix?

As you ready your garden for a new crop, it’s important to replenish the nutrients that were leached out of it last year, especially if you don’t routinely rotate your crops or fertilize regularly. Well-decomposed composts such as our flower and vegetable mix improve the soil in a number of ways – starting with nutrients. While some forms of additives can actually take nitrogen out of the soil, our flower and vegetable compost mix adds nitrogen back intothe soil, giving your plants the best chance of growing strong and healthy.

Additionally, compost mixes aerate the soil from the inside out as they decompose. By mixing our flower and vegetable mix into your soil before planting, you start off right by creating spaces for the small roots of seedlings to seek out water and nutrients without being blocked by hard, heavy soil. Without amending your soil with a compost mix, you run the risk of plants being stunted or unable to grow due to poor soil structure.

Flower and Vegetable Mix Good For All Types of Soil


Whether your soil is sandy or clay-based, our all-natural flower and vegetable compost mix can benefit your plants with improved nutrient content and soil structure. In sandy soils, for example, the compost can help slow drainage and allow your plants to soak up more moisture. In soils with a higher clay content, the compost can help to improve drainage and break up clods of dirt to allow roots freedom of movement and avoid oversaturation of plants.

How Much Flower and Vegetable Mix Do You Need?

The precise amount of compost mix that you will need depends on the quality of your soil. If you have not recently amended it with a similar compost additive, count on needing a 4 to 5 inch layer of the flower and vegetable mix (which will then be mixed into the soil). If you amend your soil each season, you will only need a 2 to 3 inch layer. For garden beds that are planted each year, simply work the flower and vegetable mix into the soil before you plant your seeds or starters. For more permanent beds (like those around trees and shrubs), just spread the flower and vegetable mix over the soil (similar to mulch) and work it into the soil only to the depth of an inch or so to avoid disturbing extant root systems.

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To place your order or to learn more about our all-natural flower and vegetable compost mix today, call us at  (562) 699-3461.

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Terry L. Wall
June 3, 2017

How much would it cost to have 10 cubic yds of flower and vegetable mix delivered to 91732

Daniel Steib
April 13, 2017

Does your vegetable flower mix contain vermiculite? I have heard this helps with retain moisture, etc.

Whittier Fertilizer
April 17, 2017

Daniel, sorry no vermiculite in the flower/veg mix but it does have pumice

which also retains moisture

Thank You


Jennifer Searock
February 22, 2017

I need 8 cu yards delivered to Eagle Rock (between Pasadena and Glendale). What is the price?

Whittier Fertilizer
February 24, 2017

Jennifer, your total delivered including tax is $491.55 for 8 cy of

Flower/veg mix to Eagle Rock

Please call (562) 699-3461 if you would like to order

Thank You


Jonathan Kim
February 18, 2017

How much would it cost to have 5 cubic yards of flower & vegetable mix delivered to 90035? What is the minimum delivery amount? Can I mix different materials to reach the minimum amount?

Whittier Fertilizer
February 24, 2017

Jonathan, WFC has a 10 cy min to 90035. Cost for flower/veg mix is $44.00 per cy

And yes you combine 2 item to meet the 10 cy min

Thank you


Thomas Cartwright
January 25, 2017

how much vegetable flower mix would i need for 52 cubic feet and cost with in buena park

Whittier Fertilizer
January 25, 2017

Thomas, you need 2 cy of material but we do have a 5 yd min. to Buena Park

WFC will deliver 2 yd with a little extra charge your cost for 2 yd delivered

Is $241.00 + tax you can also pick up the material if you have a pick up truck



September 5, 2014

i would like to know how much 1 cu yard would cost with delivery to simi valley

July 19, 2014

Hello, I have a raised garden plot that measures out 124″ x 156″ and has a depth of 12″. I think this calculates out to 5.389 cu. yds. It will be for vegetables. What would you suggest for soil(s) and what kind of price can you give me including delivery. I live in Whittier near Lambert Ave and Gunn St.
Also we seem to have something in our soil that causes our fruit to develop a brown spot near the base of the fruit. Do you have kits to analyze soil or should I have this done by a nursery before purchasing soil? We have a heavy clay soil here btw. Thanks.

June 17, 2014

I am building a raised garden box to grow vegetables.
What mix do you recommend? What is the cost delivered? I need two cubic yards delivered to Pasadena.

May 6, 2014

Hi just re checking my calculations as I’m new to this: 2 raised bed planters 4×6 ft X 12 inches high, thinking veg and flower mix as growing vegetables, delivered to whittier 90604 zip. 3 cubic yards??? How much would it be delivered? Also in a previous post u mentioned a started fertilizer when planting, Any recommendations on brands or if u sell any? Thanks

April 8, 2014

Hello, we just build a raised garden bed that will need 4 cubic yards of soil total. We would like to grow vegetables (tomatoes, cucmbers, lettuce, etc) along with some herbs and maybe some flowers. What soil mix would you recommend and do you deliver to Hawthorne, CA (right off the 405 and Rosecrans). Thanks.

Ivon Rey
March 26, 2014

I’m starting a vegtable garden, my garden is about 5 by 15 ft and it’s not raised, it’s my first time so i’m going to need 5 inches. How much will i need total?

Bob Patterson
March 16, 2014

What would the delivery cost be for 6 yards of flower and vegetable mix delivered to Hancock Park?

March 10, 2014

I live in Big Bear I have 3 raised beds thier 4x8ft each. How much soil do I need an how much would it be for delivery to zipcode 92414?

March 5, 2014

Just a short vouch post, I just had 6 yards of topsoil delivered and it’s great, I suspect I’ll have another in once I get this first delivery placed. Nice and earthy, sweet smell, light and fluffy soil.

February 18, 2014

Live in north Hollywood I have about 250 square feet of sandy soil. I would like to create a vegetable garden. What are your suggestions.

John O
February 18, 2014

Also, did I read correctly that you sell your Flower and Vegetable mix in one cubic foot bags for $3.60? Do you sell your top soil by the bag and if so what is the price and bag size?
Thank you, John

John O
February 17, 2014

We have three new planter boxes that will need about 7 yards to fill. Would you recommend a base of about 6 inches of your top soil then top with about 6 inches of your Flower and Vegetable mix? We live in Altadena; do you deliver to my area? Please give me your recommendations and will you please give me a price quote? Thank you, John

Steve C
February 15, 2014

I know that being OMRI certified and being free of chemical additives may be the same basic thing, but without the official government certification. What I guess I am wondering is, does your flower and vegetable mix have added chemicals, or how do you make it. Also, what would be the delivery charge and minimum to La Habra (90631, Imperial & Euclid). Thanks.

Dennis Restaino
February 8, 2014

I live in Lawndale, 90260, what would the cost be for 3 cubic yards of flower and vegetable mix be to be delivered to me. Also. what is the cost per the 1 1/2 cubic feet bagged.
thank you

January 19, 2014

What is the pH of your Flower and Vegetable Mix? Is a soil nutrient analysis available?