Red Wood Shavings

Have you been looking for that extra special touch to bring the look of your garden to the next level? Are weeds choking the life out of your carefully tended plants? Are you looking for answers? Our Red Wood Shavings are the solution to all of your problems.


Red Wood Shavings as a Top Dressing: An Overlooked Mainstay of the Garden

People spend hours doing research about the right soil to make their plants grow. They try multiple combinations to make sure that their plants are getting all the nutrients and drainage that they need to survive and thrive. However, people forget that having a properly dressed bed is almost as important as choosing the right soil for the job. Not only does a top dressed bed look better than an uncovered one, but a good top dressing serves a very important purpose in the health and wellbeing of all your outdoor beds.

Why Use Red Wood Shavings as a Top Dressing?

A top dressing is more than just a pretty and decorative accent; it actually serves a number of very important purposes in the health and wellbeing of your garden. For example, did you know that:

  • Top dressings help seal moisture into your flower beds. This means that you will have to water your flowers less, which could save you money in the long run.
  • A bed with a good top dressing will prevent soil erosion. There is nothing more upsetting than discovering that your flower beds have lost all of their potting soil after a rainstorm. Prevent the issue by top dressing your flower beds.
  • Top dressing prevents weeds from choking your flower beds. Pure red wood shavings are especially effective at preventing weeds from popping up and ruining the life and look of your yard and raised flower beds.

Whittier Fertilizer Red Wood Shavings

Our red wood shavings are made of 100%, pure red wood. We do not cut our red wood shavings with peat, compost or soil, so you know that you will be getting an effective product. We sell this high quality top dressing in bags as small as 1½ cubic feet for smaller beds, but we can deliver you as much as you need to get the job done.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our expert gardening consultants. All they need is the dimensions of the bed you need to cover to figure out exactly how much you’ll need to get the job done. As an added bonus, we deliver all across the state!


  1. Crystal

    How much is your Red Wood Shavings per 10 cubic feet?

    How much is your Gorilla Hair per 10 cubic feet?

    • Whittier Fertilizer

      Crystal, the Redwood shavings are $32.00 per cubic yard or 7.99 for a 3 cubic foot bale. The Gorilla Hair is $50.00 per cubic yard or $7.99 for a 3 cubic foot bale. {All rates vary on the amount purchased and are subject to change periodically}

  2. Frankie

    I need a ton price on Red wood shavings and do u guys deliver??

    • Whittier Fertilizer

      Frankie, pure Redwood Shavings are $32.00 per cubic yard. Delivery is available. Cost is based on your city. {All rates vary on the amount purchased and are subject to change periodically}

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