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Small Trees Are the Perfect Accent to Any Home

Having a lawn with beautiful, healthy trees enhances the aesthetics of any home. If you’re looking for a great addition to your front or backyard, planting trees may be the way to go. Think big when it comes to envisioning the yard you want. However, aim small when it comes to selecting the size of your trees. Small trees are often the best choice for Southern California residents. Consider these reasons small trees may be the perfect solution for improving the exterior of your house.

Small Trees Are Adaptable

For urban areas of Southern California like Los Angeles, small trees can fit into yards that otherwise would seem awash in concrete and brick. It can soften and beautify small urban spaces. You can even grow small trees in containers and then place them on a patio or deck. Ultimately, small trees can adapt to most urban neighborhoods in ways large trees never could.

Small Trees Are More Affordable

When you are choosing trees for your yard, it’s smart to look at it as an investment. However, it’s also crucial to consider the costs along with the potential benefits. Smaller trees can offer the benefits that larger trees provide, but they are typically less expensive. That’s true on multiple levels. For example, smaller trees can be cheaper to buy initially, and they can also be more affordable to care for on a week-to-week basis. Because they require less water (and are therefore good for water conservation in California), that can also save at least a little money.

Small Trees Are Easier to Maintain

It’s much easier to care for most small trees than it is to care for larger ones. For example, small trees like compost, so fertilizing them can be as easy as putting organic compost in your yard. The compost can help control the growth of weeds and support nutrient-focused landscaping. Also, smaller trees require less clean-up and fewer gardening tools. The larger the tree is, the more it may take to clean up after it. On the other hand, small trees take fewer resources.

Small Trees Develop Faster

When you are in a hurry for a tree to grow in your yard, you may be pleased to learn that many smaller trees develop faster and require less fertilizer. For example, if you’re looking for a shade tree to help you beat the heat during hot Southern California summers, it’s only natural to want a fast-growing tree. Smaller trees can develop faster, and they also recover from the re-planting process more rapidly.

Small Trees Often Serve a Dual Purpose

Several small trees can benefit your yard in multiple ways. For example, a sweet bay tree is picturesque for a yard. If you put a few sweet bay trees in a container on your patio, that may help keep roaches away. You can also place the leaves from the bay tree in your home as a natural way to repel roaches. Small flowering trees can offer natural landscaping beauty. Small fruit trees can empower you to grow your own food.

Finally, small trees are sure to benefit any front or backyard. Also, well-cultivated trees may even help increase the value of a home if you have your eye on the long-term investment of being a homeowner. They can help you take charge of the care and keeping of your yard and your home.

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