GreenAll Multi-Purpose Plant & Lawn Food


One of the most important nutrients needed for plant growth is nitrogen. Nitrogen is used by plants as a part of proteins, enzymes, and chlorophyll, in addition to being very helpful in rapid growth. A good way to tell if plants contain healthy amounts of nitrogen is to look at leaf and fruit production, and to note the color of the leaves. Vivid green leaves indicate a plant with access to proper levels of nitrogen, while pale leaves could be a sign of nitrogen deficiency. The same holds true for grasses and other lawn vegetation.

Most fertilizers contain high levels of nitrogen; it is one of the most important nutrients for plant health. GreenAll’s plant and lawn food is a basic fertilizer that contains fast acting nitrogen. This form of nitrogen can be used by the plants at any time of the year, despite changes in temperature.

When applying fertilizer, make sure that the ground is watered beforehand. Next, apply the fertilizer according to the instructions on the bag, adjusting the amount of fertilizer and the time of application for plant type. New lawns, for example, will require fertilizer as soon as seed is applied, while trees will only need fertilizer a few times a year.


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