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How to Create a Beautiful and Low Maintenance Yard

Many people are moving into homes that have been on the market a long time. These homes are in desperate need of a complete landscaping makeover. The years of neglect have taken a heavy toll on the lawn and garden. What could be better than transforming the front of the house into a wonderful garden for all the neighbors to see and enjoy? Landscaping around the patio and pathway to the pool is another good idea that will increase the appeal of the property. Undertaking such a task involves a lot of time and effort. Creating low maintenance gardens around the property will result in more time to enjoy them.

New homeowners should make a list of all the perennials that will be going into their gardens. Perennials are a perfect plant for any low maintenance garden because they come back each year. This is an important step toward a low maintenance garden. Replanting flowers every year defeats the purpose of keeping it low maintenance. Small bushes and shrubs that will grow around two feet tall are ideal for landscaping. Bushes and shrubs work very well around the pathways as well as in the flower gardens. With all the perennials, bushes and shrubs, any new homeowner will be confident that his lawn and garden will be low maintenance for years to come.

After planting all of the flowers and trees, new homeowners may realize that more work has to be done in order to keep this project low maintenance. By putting decorative landscaping bricks around their gardens, it will help keep the weeds and grass from overtaking them. This also helps the gardens look much more professionally done.

There will still be a risk of weeds coming up through the soil around the plants and shrubs. To stop this from happening, mulch is an excellent option. There are many different types of mulch to choose from such as the decorative red sierra mulch. This will make flower gardens stand out from the crowd. Not only will the mulch keep the weeds out, but it will also help keep the moisture around the plants and give them much-needed nutrients. Around the bushes and shrubs, consider taking on a natural look and choose compost. Organic compost is also a great fertilizer for freshly planted bushes and shrubs. Mulch and compost are a perfect compliment in a new homeowner’s low maintenance garden.

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