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Basics Behind Pruning

Pruning can alter the growth and form of a plant. It is a critical part of gardening maintenance. When done correctly, it can prevent a number of problems from occurring. To help you better understand more about pruning, let’s explore the benefits of pruning and when the best time to prune is.

Benefits of Pruning Your Trees and Shrubs

Proper pruning helps to improve your tree’s health. Eliminating dead or dying branches reduces the chance that someone is going to get injured from falling branches. It also prevents the chance that your property is going to get damaged from broken limbs flying around during a storm. Pruning helps minimize the chance of your tree decaying further and prolongs its lifespan.

By pruning the tree, you can improve the structure and appearance of the tree and prevent it from developing weak branches in the first place. Trimming your tree with a pruning tools, pruning saw, pole pruner or lopper and trimming your heads with hedge shears, a bypass pruner or an anvil pruner can help prevent the branches from competing for space.

Proper trimming helps increase the amount of sun the tree is going to get. It also promotes circulation in the tree, which improves the health of the tree.

When you prune a fruit tree, you can improve the quantity and size of your crop. Make sure you are following the proper pruning guidelines to prevent doing any damage to the trees and causing them not to bud properly.

One of the best reasons of all to prune your trees is to open up the amount of space you have around your property and give you a better view of everything going on around you. When the trees and bushes are overgrown, it takes up a lot of unnecessary space. Pruned trees are more aesthetically appealing as well. Having a bunch of neatly trimmed trees can help make your property look better and boost the value of your home.

When to Prune Your Trees

The best time to prune shrubs that flower in the spring is when the blooms are gone. Any shrubs that bloom during the summer should be pruned during the spring before they bloom. Rosebushes shouldn’t be pruned until after the last frost. Otherwise, you could damage their buds and prevent them from being able to bloom during the spring and summer.

As far as trees are concerned, you want to get rid of any dead branches during the summer. However, you shouldn’t attempt to prune them until after the leaves are done and gone. This helps get them ready for next year.

Before pruning, make sure you have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right, such as a quality pair of gloves to protect your hands. By having the necessary tools on hand, you can make sure the job is done safely and properly. If you are new to the pruning process, you may want to contact professional to assist you the first time around and manage the pruning thereafter.

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  1. Rockford Johnson August 24, 2016

    I learned a lot about the benefits of pruning my trees by reading this article. I like how you explained that proper pruning can help to improve the structure and appearance of your tree. I hope that we can find a good tree service company so that we can ensure that our tree is healthy and strong.


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