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Organically Mosquito Proof Your Yard

Warm summer evenings are times when many people enjoy sitting out in the summer breeze and enjoying the quiet beauty of the season. The feeling of peace and quiet can go on for only a short time before the mosquitoes show up and ruin everything. Summer fun, during the day or night, is usually synonymous with attacking clouds of hungry mosquitoes. There are plenty of chemicals you could use to keep the bugs away, but it would be better to look into organic solutions that are just as effective.

Mosquito Repellant Plants

The idea of using chemicals to keep mosquitoes out of the backyard concerns many people, especially parents of small children. Instead of spraying chemicals, you can grow a wide variety of fresh herbs that will add a pleasant scent to your summer gatherings, and drive mosquitoes away at the same time.


Lavender bushes make excellent organic mosquito repellents because of their refreshing aroma. Surround your yard with plenty of bright purple lavender bushes, and rub some of the purple flowers on your skin to help repel even more mosquitoes. Before offering fresh lavender to your guests as mosquito repellent, you should first make sure that no one is allergic to lavender.


Most people recognize citronella as the ingredient in many of the natural mosquito repellents on the market. But did you know that you can grow citronella around your yard as a natural repellent all summer long? The best way to use citronella is to crush it up in great quantities and throw it in your summer evening fire. But it can act as a fairly effective repellent just growing around in your yard.


If you like the idea of your backyard smelling like peppermint then you are in luck, because peppermint is a natural repellent for mosquitoes and many other types of bugs. One of the consistent attributes about organic mosquito repellents is that they all have agreeable aromas, and peppermint definitely enhances that idea.


For many people, summer picnics include fresh basil on the table to enhance the taste of many foods. But fresh basil also has a scent that bugs, especially mosquitoes, cannot stand. Growing a lot of basil in your backyard has two positive outcomes. You have plenty of basil for those summer parties, and the mosquitoes will definitely not feel invited to your event.

Adding Herbs To Your Outdoor Fire

A nice fire is one way to keep mosquitoes away, but only for a short distance. If you really want to make use of that fire, then you need to add in a bundle of natural herbs that will drive the mosquitoes right out of your yard.

To make your bundle, you will need equal amounts of fresh sage, mint, and lavender. You should try to make the plants all the same length to make it easier to bundle them. Each bundle can have two or three branches of each herb. Tie the bundles together with twine so the entire bundle will burn to ashes. Make a few dozen bundles and put them in a box next to your next summer fire. As the fire burns, you and your guests can throw the bundles into the fire and enjoy a night without mosquitoes.

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