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5 Plants You Probably Never Thought of Growing in Your Garden

Growing unique or exotic foods in a garden is usually avoided because of the extensive care and complicated growing instructions these plants require. But there are some plants that are easy to grow in any garden that would surprise even the most hardcore gardening enthusiast.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds add a texture and flavor to breads that many people enjoy. Even if you cannot taste the difference sesame seeds create, you can appreciate the texture. Why would you want to grow your own sesame seeds? If you make your own rolls, then adding your own sesame seeds can enhance that restaurant quality food you are making. It is also nice to be able to use sesame seeds from your garden and not have to pay for them. Sesame seeds are drought tolerant and grow well in a nitrogen-bearing fertilizer.

gorw sesame seeds in your garden


Yes, with the right mulch and fertilzier from Whittier Fertilizer, you can grow rice in your own backyard. The seeding for growing rice is extremely inexpensive, which makes growing rice for the family that eats rice a very good idea. All you have to do is make sure that the rice seeding you buy is able to be grown in your climate (finding special rice seeding is not difficult at all thanks to the Internet) and you can have your own rice field in your own backyard. For best results, mulch rice after seeded to help conserve moisture and control weeds. Like sesame seed, rice also grows well with a nitrogen-bearing fertilizer.

grow rice in your garden


You can plant cotton in your backyard garden, or you can plant it in the front yard as a decorative plant that yields a useful product. Cotton picked from your own plants can be used for dressing wounds or removing makeup, as soon as you get the little seeds out of the cotton. You can buy an inexpensive device that will get the seeds out quickly, and put your cotton to work for you.

Cotton is also a beautiful plant that never gets the credit it should for its rose-like white blossoms. When a cotton plant is in full bloom, it can add a great deal of beauty to your landscaping and your backyard garden. Cotton grows best with fertilizers containing the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

grow cotton in your garden

Japanese Wineberries

Many people grow raspberries and strawberries in their gardens to eat as snacks or use in special recipes. Japanese wineberries are extremely exotic berries that you can grow in your own backyard and eat as a healthy snack. It is difficult to describe the taste of a Japanese wineberry. But it is safe to say that if you are a berry person, then this is an exotic plant you must add to your garden. Japanese wineberries will thrive in all types of soils. To obtain the best fruit, simply add a specialized organic berry fertilizer.

grow japanese wine berries in your garden


You may have never heard of cucamelons, but anyone who enjoys fresh fruits should start a cucamelon plant in their garden. They grow in the warm weather, and matured plants are perennial and grow back for years. These are classified as small cucumbers, but they are considered a fruit. They look like tiny watermelons and they are great for a healthy snack. The fruit grows best if you prepare the soil with organic compost and organic manure.

gor cucamelons in your garden

If you don’t think you can grow your favorite produce in your garden, you may want to reconsider. With a little research and some persistence, you will be surprised at what you can grow in your garden and eat at home. Always remember that at Whittier Fertilizer, we have experts waiting to assist you with your garden questions and all the landscaping supplies you’ll need to make your garden, exotic or not, thrive!

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